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About Us

Harrison Sports, Inc. began its quest to develop the perfect graphite golf shaft in 1988. The company, based in California, is succeeding by producing shafts that consistently are among the best rated for distance, accuracy, value and customer satisfaction. Harrison Shafts, made from the finest in satelite-grade graphite, titanium and boron materials, have secured their place among the top five of the most-used graphite shafts in the world. Our quality is evidenced by the growing use of Harrison shafts among touring professional golfers and long-drive competitors worldwide.

Harrison's technical superiority can be seen in its latest offerings: the Shotmaker, Stiper H2,  Mugen Black, Eclipse and Saga lines of shafts. Our engineers use the best materials and innovative designs to produce shafts that reduce shaft lag, which help to reduce hooks and slices while adding distance. Harrison shafts are renowned for low shaft twisting, optimized launch angles, and tuned spin rate. Among its iron shafts, Harrison is valued for its uniformity and consistency, which meet the discriminating demanded by professionals.  

Harrison shafts have become the shaft of choice among tour players worldwide. Our shafts have been used to achieve 62 Tour wins, over 554 Top Tens and 7 World Long Drive Championship Wins. This accomplishment is solid proof of Harrison's popularity on Tour. Top players recognize the superior design and quality that goes into each and every Harrison shaft and value the longer distance, tuned ball flight, and controled spin it provides.