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Custom Fitting Advice Form

Most shaft selection guides are developed based on center hit data. Their basic assumptions are that every stroke results in a dead center hit.

However, knowing most golfers have swing variations ranging from open/close face to outside-in/inside-out swing path, we strongly recommend that you take into consideration the degree of variations in your swing in making your selection. If the swing variations are notable, a bit lower torque, stiffer flex, or even heavier weight may provide the extra stability needed to bring the ball back in play.

The lighter the shaft weight, the more active the shaft will be. Therefore, everything being equal, on center hit a lighter shaft will give you longer distance over a heavier shaft. A more active shaft will behave like a high compression golf ball. On center hit it will go farther, and on off-center hit it will be off more. Therefore, the lighter the shaft weight you choose, the lower the tip torque you should consider.

If you would like to be assisted in your shaft selection, please fill in the form on the right to provide us with information about you, your equipment and golf swing.  We will e-mail you back our recommendation on a first come first serve basis. 

To better serve you, please provide us with your contact Information so that we can refer you to an authorized dealer near you. As a policy, we do not share your information with anyone else.


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